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on start February 25, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in wood.

It’s been a whole month since I first finished reading chapter 1 of Kawasaki’s new book – the Art of the Start (‘the Art’ from now). Here I will give a brief note for what I consider to be the most rewarding points for my own experience to Start.

1. ask women
I laughed this one off at first. But appreciated the meaning in it more and more as time and experience passed on, more specifically:
Among my many initial ideas, the only viable opportunity is suggested by a female friend. Kawasaki pointed out the possible reasons for this observation (or coincidence if you will). I challenge you to decide the validy of his reasonings for yourself.

2. do good
This is worded much better in the book, and has stopped me from easily give up many times.
My initial business model as an commission based airline agency was an invalid model. But my goal to simplified the travel research process stayed and kept me going.

3. not by yourself
I followed this one blindly and was rewarded by the fact that all my ideas are bounced off several other opinions for completion before they are put to actions.
I tend to get carried away with implementation and make mistakes between what’s cool and what’s simple. My friends from the indusdry and different academic disciplines help me stay on track.



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