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“do you read blogs online?” March 1, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in wind.

For my friends who's been asked this question in the past week, thanks to all for answering "no". Frankly, I saw no points for students to read blogs until I started learning about Web 2.0, then the buzz began..

I track 9 blogs closely, the part of the world they span over covers my fascinations on any given day.

It's interesting.
Please don't confuse that with friends' travel pictures + break up stories + thoughts at the beginging of a school terms + nothing for the rest of the term… these things are not real blogs.. they are personal homepages.
For instance, I found these interesting:

or you can find my reading list in the right panel under "for interest" and "for business". I want to publish my "reader" somewhere but for now these static links will do.

that's all.

But for those who are interested in the underlying technology, here's a few terms you might find intriguing:


don't confuse this with the monthly newsletter you get from dell or expedia. If you read more than 3 blogs daily, do your self a favor and subscribe to them. You can then enjoy effortless real time updates.

  • get a reader first, (you have a google or gmail account anyways right?)
  • search and right click on for a link called "RSS" or "Atom", copy the link
  • find a field in the reader called "Feed URL" and paste the link to subscribe

Permlink: thank god this is an actuall link

  • every blog entry is identified with a unique Permlink.
  • you click on Permlink link to see a specific blog entry,
  • from there you can see its comments and Trackbacks (and that is..?).


Not a traditional HTML link, try clicking on one to see

  • Links two blog entries together, but uni-directional. i.e. if you blogged about someone's blog, you can acknowledge her by trackback, like a guest book.
  • click on the Permlink to get to the entry
  • search for and copy the TrackBack URL from the entry
  • goto your blog entry, find and paste the URL to TrackBack field.


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