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how would you like it done? March 3, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in fire.

rare? or well done?

usually i utter something like – medium rare, and immediately think – but that’s not even an option, oh well.. at least she wrote it down.

It could be much worse. for instance, being a student traveler, when it comes to online travel agencies, they always have fixed menu.

If you like it well done, you have the three top chefs – orbitz, expedia, travelocity – all claim to give you the cheapest, so at the end of the course you go home easily with the cheapest of the three cheapest. bravo.

for those who perfer a rare taste, you get ’em at the airlines directly. this course could be a real struggle sometimes. there are just one too many options out there and the number is growing.

I did hear about two legendary alternatives. SideStep and ITA claim to take other orders. SideStep is rumored to be affiliated with a spyware, while ITA’s interface is … ghetto very traditional, see it for yourself.

So what would you like to see/change in a travel agency? fill the blanks:

I want ___________ so that _____________________________.

I want a new user interface so that I can input everything with just the mouse.



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