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lesson learnt on business blogging March 22, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in water.

Shel has highly praised Jeremiah (evangelist) for what he did right.

Jeremiah is a corporate blogger and evangelist for Hitachi Data Systems. I have picked what I could learn most immediately and modified this blog accordingly.

  1. change my blog name from “free fall” to “Bootstrapping Notes by Timothy Li”
  2. will make an effort to post more often
  3. articulate with plain and straight forward english

Shel’s points: (link can be found above)

  • He posts often.
  • He stays somewhere close to the subject of corporate blogging.
  • He joins other people’s conversations, by commenting on their sites and lnking on his own.
  • He changed his blog’s name from the clever (Jeremiah the Web Prophet) to the easily discoverable (Web Stategies).
  • He shows up at local gatherings attended by other bloggers. He’s started being asked to speak as a panelist.
  • His blogs are topically focused. Hs language is simple and straight-forward


1. Jeremiah Owyang - March 22, 2006

Thanks Tim for the links –having read some of your most recent posts, I’ll say your’re right on your way to greatness.

best regards


2. Tim - March 23, 2006

Thank you very much for the approaval Jeremiah, this motivates me greatly.


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