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where did I read that? April 1, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in aggregator, Positioning, travel, vertical search engine.

lately I've been having lots of troubles re-finding blog entries I read a few days earlier. google reader does not allow me to search through my subscrption list, it's a pain.

[Edit: a tribute to Scoble's new job in Google on April Fools Day]


Talking about lightning speed exits, I settled my deal too, 5 days into the operation. Might have been a little trigger happy..

Like everybody else now days, I've been waiting for my turn at a $750m offer. But the buzz must've hit me right on the head last night and I ended up settling with a sw dev job offer at Kayak. "what the ?" I asked myeslf in the mirror first thing in the morning.

Anyways, the new toys from Kayak (travel search engine, NOT an agency) are awesome. for example check out Kayak Buzz, a search engine that maps travel tickets it finds.



1. Arlen Ritchie - April 12, 2006

That’s fantastic. Congrats Timothy!

2. Timothy Li - April 13, 2006

haha, thank you Arlen.

I also hear that Scoble and Zawodny are having the time of their lives at Google =)

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