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toread list April 8, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in Books, Entrepreneurship, PMBA, wind.

Seth Godin‘s (the purple cow guy) blog leads to a valuable list of books, tagged under what Josh Kaufman () calls the ‘PMBA‘ package.

P is for personal. MBA is for… MBA

my current reading projects are on the list –

  1. the art of the start‘ by Guy Kawasaki. Brilliant guide to starting a business.
  2. ‘boostrapper’s bible’ by Seth Godin. Details about what the title says. Guy’s chapter on boostrapping leads right into this one.

Two suggested books for college readers to get excited –

  1. getting things done‘ by David Allen.
    this book name has came up to me quite a few times lately. Deals with general management issues – transferable between school, personal life, as well as business.
  2. Influence: Science and Practice‘ by Robert Cialdini.
    Guy Kawasaki has followed up with the author here. the topics covered in the book are delightful. Deals with positioning and persuation, which we will all learn someday, hopefully :)


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