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the www part of travel – testimonials April 24, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in travel, wind.

thomas purves envisioned web portal that would encapsulate all essential in life. While that's on the way, when it comes to travel, most people do these related tasks online – look up plane tickets, look up hotels, share photos and stories. (did I miss something?)

I caught a few blog posts lately regarding tickets lookup/booking systems online and while doing my school report on the topic, just wanted to throw in some thoughts:

Guy Kawasaki on most travel site's incompetance to provide useful info to business purposes

"The travel sites that sell tickets don't work for me because I need to know all the flights, not all the flights that the site is selling […] http://www.eskyguide.com/search/"

True, I can appreciate Eskyguide's values immediately. Following this line of thoughts, I started to see different methods to approach the travel ticket lookup process. Will discuss in a later post.

Rick Segal on travel site's incompetance to find the cheapest deals

"[…] a number of folks have pointed out different sites doing flight pricing. Yep, I know em all […] get rock bottom fares is still not as easy as it could be and, as best as I can tell, none of the airlines are killing themselves to help solve this"

I was under the impression that Kayak and everyone else are doing great jobs digging and crawling, apparently not, we will wait for Rick's results.

Jeremy Wright on dis-functional air-canada booking system

"I had to enter my credit card 3 times […] it still didn’t work. "

to this last one I asked myself:

Would I be discouraged from booking with air canada again after this? – yes
Would I stop flying air canada because of this? – no
What would it take to stop me from flying air canada? – cheaper tickets from another airline

at the end of the day, I feel like consumers are being put in a very low positioning to negotiate for better services.



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