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Paid By An Angel May 18, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in angel, college, Entrepreneurship, Funding, university, Venture Capital, waterloo.

I attended an information session "Paid By An Angel" today, well I did a little more than that but it's quite embarrassing so I won't….. OK.. I pitched again, a little better than last time =).

The session was hosted by Gregory Brill from infusion development. I first met Greg at CUTC in January 2006 and I still vividly remember how he passionately encouraged students to make things happen – "guys, shut up and do something!" Now four months later he comes back as an angel, i'm totally convinced now that he means business – he wants to encourage innovation.
The session was very rewarding. Greg taught the other students (I learnt second hand) that Angels care about these things in this specific order:

  1. exit option
  2. capital allocation
  3. revenue model
  4. protection
  5. competition

And alarmingly enough I did not hit most of these during my pitch again. This got me thinking hard, and the buzz begins…



1. Timothy Li - November 14, 2007

iGNITION 1K marking criteria:
1. value proposition
2. customer need or demand
3. market size
4. how does the business make money
5. strength of management team

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