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my upcoming reading list July 6, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in Books, Personal MBA, wind.

Some of you probably know that I’m in the process of completing the Personal MBA program, which is essentially a big list of book that you could find in a book store under “business” and “self helf” sections. 

It is a great experience and as a side effect my appetit for reading has increased dramatically.  Thanks to James Perly for getting me started, and to Anton Van Ryan for the continouse support.  Anton has recently decided to join me on this reading project.   

if you are interested in seeing what my upcoming reading list is, you can find it here. 


If you have any of these books, could I borrow it please? =)

Here is a list of books I have completed so far, some of which are not from the PMBA list. 

I would love to discuss them with you or simply make a recommendation for you, please drop me a note, you can find my email at the right side of this page. 

1. The Art Of The Start – Guy Kawasaki

2. The Bootstrapper’s Bible – Seth Godin
I downloaded the electronic version from the publisher before it became unavailiable, ask me for a copy

3. Super Speed Reading Secrets
this is not from the PMBA list, here is how it helped me to significantly improve my reading speed and boosted my interests in reading. 

4. Getting Things Done – David Allen
here is my post about this book

5. Dig your well before you are thirsty
this is not from the PMBA list, I’m trying out some of the recommendations from this book and the outcome has been very good so far. 

6. Influence – Robert B. Cialdini
there are two versions of the book under different titles, I picked the one NOT on the PMBA list, recommended by Guy Kawasaki.  I used one of the topics in the book to analyze WordPress here. 

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey



1. Mel - August 8, 2006

Re: The “Personal MBA”

From one entrepreneur to another: Don’t you think there should more doing components? (as described it sounds like it’s just a reading list?)

I know you included the “My summer company” program (I did it too a couple years ago), I’m actually surprised there were so many applicants and so few awards granted this year (I don’t think the competition was nearly so fierce when I applied).

As for the “doing” component, since you seem to really be focused on your business, did you consider pitching to Dragon’s Den? (You probably considered it since they were doing auditions at the Accelerator center just within the last month: if you haven’t, you might want to check out http://www.insidethedragonsden.com. It’s essentially a reality tv show that lets entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to VCs).

As for your booklist: are they recommendations from friends? advisors? (a blog?)

2. Timothy Li - August 9, 2006

Nice to meet you Mel and thanks for dropping by =)

I agree. books can only take one so far if one stops at the reading stage and do not go furthur to digest and convert the nutrition to do real work, like in body building.

In response to each book I read, I started little projects such as: a small travel business, adopting the ‘getting things done’ method, as well as building my own network.

Thanks for pointing me to Dragon’s Den, this is actually the first time I heard about it. I will definitely send in an application at some point. =)

the booklist is from Josh Kaufman’s blog. Josh compiled a list of 42 books and called it the “personal MBA programme”. A friend Seth Godin pointed to me to this list last year. you can find the whole list here:

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