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blogging inside JotSpot August 21, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in development, web 2.0.

I recently started a very cool DIP (Digital Image Processing) project with two colleagues. 

This initiative originates from an inspiring article I read two months ago on Innovation Under Marginal Conditions, or in simpler terms “just hack things together”.  Thanks to Rick Segal for forwarding me this article.  Scoble also found this article valuable

In an attempt to record the project process I followed what I did for my graduation design project and started a new blog. 

one partner challenged this initiative in two ways

1. a blog is open to public, not suitable for logging a project’s internal progress
2. a blog has limited functionality, for example we need a source file version control system

I then found a more suitable tool from Jeremy Z’s blog post on JotSpot

JotSpot’s interface is “clean”, in the sense that I see only the functionality I need, and I liked this a lot.  As opposed to Central Desktop, In JotSpot I could easily remove “un-needed” shortcuts from the main navigation menu, this effectively keep my front page tidy and gives me much easier access to the functionality I need, namely a blog, a calendar and a source file control system. 

JotSpot does offer a blogging service, at roughly 10 cents per post for starters. a timy bit too expensive for a school project =) 



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