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Invitation to CUTC 2007 November 5, 2006

Posted by Timothy Li in wind.

To give back and show my appreciations for the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference 2006, I’m helping out as the PR organizer for CUTC 2007.

The point of CUTC is to inspire: Companies come in to inspire students and students come to be inspired. What set CUTC apart is our coverage – 600+ delegates, 23 universities, all across Canada.

For example, before CUTC 2006, in many undergraduate students’ minds, Yahoo! is a company of the past, something from their high school memories. But Bradley Horowitz‘s keynote set things straight. A talk and a live demo of cellphone upload to Flickr left a brand new image in many, some even started talking about getting a coop job at Y! .

So here is what we are looking for:

  • Keynotes: speaks directly to all 600+ delegates, keynotes are full
  • Speakers: speaks in smaller workshops to 100 students each. Contact me (at the end) and I can arrange the speech for you.¬† [update 20061217, speakers are full]
  • Sponsors: set a booth at the job fair and talk to students one on one. Contact me (at the end) and I can forward you the PR package.
  • Delegates: come and hear what successful tech companies are made of. Register and contact me if you have any questions.

Reach me at: seenlie at gmail dot com



1. Sari - November 10, 2006

I googled you.

How’s Glissando sound for a company name?

By the way, those name cards are very sexy. props from me for that one.

2. Timothy Li - November 10, 2006

Oh thank you. glad you found me, was it easy getting here?
Glissando, any particular reason?

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