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On Blue Oceans December 28, 2007

Posted by Timothy Li in Books, MBET, PMBA.
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The book Blue Ocean Strategy proposes a new direction for strategic positioning, built on top of Porter’s differentiation strategy.

The book revolves around the goal to break out of red oceans, where various competitors benchmark against each other and modify product offerings accordingly. Instead, the author urges businesses to seek out blue oceans, or “uncontested waters where little competition exists”. This themes resonates to the Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation theory, both theories focus on non-consumers instead of acquiring existing consumers from direct competitors.

In order to identify potential blue oceans, the author proposed the use of a Strategic Canvas to graphically represent the current competitive landscape, as well as using an [ Eliminate | Reduce | Raise | Create ] grid to articulate the proposed strategy.

It’s a delightful read, thanks to Albert Lai and Nancy Vanden Bosch for recommending the book.


On Accounting and Strategy October 23, 2007

Posted by Timothy Li in Master of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology, MBET, wind.
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A busy month has gone by the MBET program. Two highlights of the month are:

1. each student group picked a local public company and analyze the financial sheets. We will proceed to visit each company in the second phase and in the end meet up with the company executive team to discuss whether we would invest in the company.

A rather odd observation is that two local software companies showed extremely similar trends – haven’t been doing very well for a very long time, but have turned around and performed quite well in the past two years. Perhaps this is simply following the trend from the entire software market place. Or perhaps it tells something spectacular about Waterloo’s local tech community.

2. each student group picked an upcoming electric vehicle and presented its competitive position and advantage in front of a panel.

One observation from this presentation is that most of these electric vehicles are either sports cars, or down right budget vehicles. Hopefully these are simply the result of differentiation entrance strategies, because I would eventually like to drive an electric vehicle, a slick one, but not that crazy.

MBET September 17, 2007

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The Waterloo’s one and only Master of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology program has an eccentric focus: to provide this area with fresh entrepreneurial blood and hopefully grow a few new businesses while we are at it.

The first two weeks in MBET have been amazing. We enjoyed good food and had the opportunity to meet with a few local icons include Communitech’s Iain Klugman, Tech Capital’s Tim Jackson, Tom Hunter from Gowlings as well Eric Schneider from Miller Thomson.

With a couple of ideas and a plan, we might just be able to put something together here =)

Why not?