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Past opportunities

[May 2008, Ottawa] Competed as a finalist for the Wes Nicol Entrepreneurial Award.

[April 2008, San Francisco] Won the best international business award at the USF International Business Plan Competition.

[April 2008, Hong Kong] Won an honorable mention award at the HKUST International Business Plan Competition.

[April 2008, Waterloo] Won a seat to the national competition in the Nicol Launchpad$50K venture creation competition.

[Mar 2008, London, Ontario] Competed as a finalist team in the IBK Capital Ivey Business Plan competition.

[Mar 2008, San Jose] Attended the Video Over the Net (Von.x) conference to reprensent the SparkMedia project.

[Mar 2008, Waterloo] Won first place in CBET Entrepreneurship Challenge with the SparkMedia project.

[Dec 2007, Waterloo] Competed as a finalist at the Ignition1k pitch competition with the Finx project

[Sep 2007, Waterloo] Accepted as a candidate to the Master of Business Entrepreneurship in University of Waterloo.

[Jun 2007] Graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Waterloo.

[May 2007] Competed in the Launchpad50k business plan competition with my Everything Magic Inc project, we received valuable feedbacks and decided that the business concept was not viable.

[Jan 2007] Volunteered as a public relations organizer for the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC). It was a great success, we catered to more than 500 students from 20 different universities across Canada.

[Oct 2006] Wrote an article for the school newspaper “Iron Warrior” to encourage students to innovate.

[May 2006] Started a web 2.0 venture called Map My Travel to save people’s time and stress on travel planning. The project terminated after 8 months because I could not generate income from the website and lost focus.

[Aug 2005] Studied in Lund (Sweden) for 6 months and backpacked through Western Europe for the first time. I had a lot of fun but was broke.

[Before Lund] Was a regular college student. I was lost but earnd enough money to get by.

[Back in high school] Wanted to be a rock star.



1. bill - January 10, 2007

You’re still in school and you’re already so ambitious. That is impressive. It seems like most of your start up projects are done on an individual basis. Have you worked on a startup with a team?

2. Timothy Li - January 11, 2007

Hi Bill,
thanks for stopping by.

I have been looking for an opportunity to work in a team actually.

To prepare myself, I started a group project last year to develope a consumer product. Up to date we have 7 members. I’m enjoying it very much.

3. simonesu - February 26, 2007

Good luck on things u did :) be the best that u can do on urs project :) and thx u to drop by.

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